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We offer these core services

Pencil for storytelling

Brand storytelling

Good brand stories help places to attract the things they need most: tourism, investment, and talent. 

As seasoned storytellers and experienced copywriters, we know how to define the core themes of your brand and weave them into a compelling story that ties in with your overall brand goals and strategy.  

Consistency, honesty and long-term vision are critical for success here.

We can help you find and make use of them. 




Public relations

We know what journalists are looking for. We can help you get the attention of the press, by crafting your message in a way that makes sense.

Relevancy is key, so we never do mail blasts of generic press releases. In fact, sometimes we don’t even write a press release at all.

Instead, we carefully identify a list of journalists who are most likely to care about your story, and then present it to them in a compelling manner.

Contact us for an informal chat to discuss your specific needs.


Social media

Social Media

Social media is vital for getting your message out to the world. How your brand presents itself on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a central factor in how the world perceives it.

Let us teach you how to leverage these important channels for maximum effect, to reach your desired target audiences, on a global scale.

Or if you prefer, we can handle the whole thing for you instead.