Thinking strategically about places

What value does place brand strategy offer as part of a wider place making process?

In this recent presentation, delivered at the Academy of Urbanism in London, Malcolm Allan of Place Matters focuses on the importance of place branding strategy as an integrated part of good place making.

Malcolm starts by reiterating an important point: this isn’t about logos and tag lines. On the other hand, it’s about strategy and the audience are encouraged to think strategically. Malcolm goes on to discuss the evolution of place and destination brand strategy, illustrated with some classic destination marketing posters (which are fantastic!).

“Place brand strategies plan and tell the story of the current and future offer of places and the experience to be had there,” said Malcolm.

The report goes into great detail about the finer points of preparing a place brand strategy. It’s full of helpful takeaways and definitely worth a read.

View the full report here.

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