From murder capital to cultural capital

Kingston Jamaica

Jamaica has experienced problems with its reputation for many years. But hope is on the horizon…

In particular, the capital city, Kingston, has suffered from severe negative labelling, that it’s only just beginning to shake off. Kingston’s regular appearances in lists such as ‘the world’s top ten murder capitals’ has helped cement its image as a mad, bad and dangerous capital city.

Although many problems remain, Kingston is taking steps to fix matters. Obviously, cosmetic changes won’t help shift a bad reputation. That has to come by means of deep-rooted policy changes that cause the city to gradually get cleaned up. Think New York two decades ago, with Mayor Giuliani’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policing approach.

Placesbrands editor Samantha North travelled to Kingston and wrote an article for CityMetric, examining Kingston’s current situation and its efforts to implement change. For the piece, Placesbrands interviewed the mayor, Angela Brown-Burke, along with prominent local business people and nation branding experts.

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