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Placesbrands specialises in telling the true stories of places.

The discipline of place branding is the practice of actively shaping public perceptions of cities, countries and regions.

Placesbrands was set up primarily to explore topics in place branding. The website is a platform for discussions, new ideas, interviews and case studies. As Placesbrands grew, people soon started asking for help with telling the stories of their places.

There has always been a debate at the heart of place branding. It involves two main schools of thought. One believes that place image can be created or changed using logos or slogans. The other believes that this approach is useless. We agree with the latter.

Places can only change their images by discovering and communicating their real narrative. When carrying out a country or city branding campaign, stories should be woven around a series of actions, strategically implemented with a wider vision in mind.

Placesbrands helps those who promote cities, countries and regions to discover, craft and communicate their stories to the world.

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