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Our mission is simple: to inspire awe and wonder for the world. We dig into the truth behind popular narratives and unearth obscure stories to bring you entertaining perspective on places near and far.

The site first started as an academic blog analyzing perceptions and branding of global locales. But we decided to take it into a lighter direction focused on joyful discovery rather than technical analysis.

We’ve revamped to focus on bite-sized, irresistible trivia to highlight what makes each place unique. Did you know half the country of Monaco could fit inside New York City’s Central Park? Or that Rome has thousands of cats as part of its rodent patrol system?

We uncover the weird, the wonderful, and the downright mindblowing facts so travelers understand destinations in a whole new way. Everything we create is designed to inspire adventure and new understanding across borders.

Our small (but growing!) team draws upon verifiable resources and original reporting to verify surprising details on countries, cultures, cities, historical events, landmarks and more across the globe. We translate complex stories into snackable fun facts that stick with you.

The PlacesBrands site is powered by a combination of our team’s passion for unexpected storytelling and tailored artificial intelligence tools which allow us to scale. Our content genesis process combines human creativity with machine efficiency to discover and produce hundreds of articles for the curious reader.

We invite you to explore fascinating places via the lens of fun trivia and unbelievable facts with us. Get ready for your perspective on destinations around the world to shift!