The Hague Bloggershuis city brand

Telling stories by the sea

The Hague knows the value of telling a good story. So much so in fact, that the city’s marketing team has created the ‘Bloggershuis’, a dedicated space where visiting bloggers can stay while they discover all that the Hague has to offer. As an added bonus, the Bloggershuis is situated right on the beach!  Placesbrands …

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photo credit: 3 in the globe via photopin (license)

A world that could have been

Some places have bad reputations and most tourists avoid them. Although these places can be menacing, they can also be compelling. Even more so when you remember how they used to be. Perhaps war zones or rugged areas where rebel groups lurk, nations with unfriendly governments, or otherwise unstable locations where conflict has recently ended. …

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Asteroids and stars

Ambitious asteroid mining dreams

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is famous for its banking. It’s also famous for being tiny. That’s about it. But that might change soon, as Luxembourg unveils its ambitions for the budding industry of asteroid mining. Yes, you read that correctly, asteroid mining. Here at Placesbrands, we’d never even heard of this kind of work until …

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